Nestled in the heart of the Canadian prairies, we are a small family kennel breeding the Olde English Bulldog. Our goal is to create lovable, well-adjusted family dogs that also look gorgeous.

We believe your dog should be your best friend, your protector, and should also stop traffic with its colorful good looks!

In building our line, we selected what we believe to be the best bullies money can buy from a variety of proven and diverse bloodlines. We breed 2-3 litters per year and raise our pups in our home.

Our vision of the perfect bully is always evolving. Take a look around and see what we’ve been up to!

March 2017 - 31_Fotor.jpg


When we got our first Bulldog, it seemed more like adding a person to the family than getting a pet dog. Never before had we encountered an animal so quirky, so affectionate, so absolutely stubborn, and so chock full of personality! In no time, the breed had made an indelible and permanent impression on our hearts.

We made the decision to share this amazing breed with more families by breeding a few litters in our home each year. We started in 2011, and time has flown by.

It’s hard work raising bullies, but there is nothing more rewarding than watching our produced babies light up the lives of their families locally, across Canada, and even in the US.


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