Muddy Waters’ Collectors Edition Vega Showgirl

Vega is our special homegrown girl out of 1 Bulldog Nation’s Rocco and Poppa’s Chloe. She’s fun-loving, athletic, and structurally sound. We love that her babies all have that unique ‘Muddy Waters’ look!

Color: Blue tri triple carrier
Height: 15.5″
Weight: 58 lbs
Registry: PBKC, IOEBA



Muddy Waters' Galaxy

Pretty Piper is our special girl. She's got just the right mix of qualities from her Mama Farrah and her Papa Heff. Her amber eyes and killer paint job are just icing on the cake! 

Color: Lilac tri

Height:  15"

Weight: 60 lbs

Registry: IOEBA



Muddy Waters’ Artemis Divine

Artemis is a Rango daughter. She was the chubby, wrinkly, squishy little baby bulldog of your dreams… and her babies will be too, in a rainbow of colours! We are hoping to have a litter from her in late 2021.

Color: Lilac tri pied
Height: 14.5″
Weight: 50 lbs
Registry: IOEBA


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