We have no puppies or breedings planned at this time. 

Please check back with us in early 2023 for our next planned breeding. You can also subscribe to this site and follow us on Instagram for updates.

Baby River
Baby Monet
Baby Maui

Please subscribe to our website and follow us on Instagram to be notified when we complete a breeding or welcome a new batch of furbabies!



Experience, Best Practices and Lifelong Learning

Breeding quality pets is about more than putting two nice-looking dogs together.

Temperament, health, conformation, function, and genetics are just a few of the considerations behind each and every planned breeding. We work closely with a reproductive specialist veterinarian who is herself an experienced breeder.  

We never breed animals with chronic health problems. We take our dogs' security, cleanliness, and quality of life very seriously. They are family pets first, and breeding dogs second.

More "couch" than "kennel"!  

We tend to stay in touch with our puppy families! Not only do we love to watch our babies grow up, it provides useful data on health and temperament outcomes for the dogs we've created.

We take pride in what we do, but we know we aren't perfect. That's why we are always improving our process and staying on top of developments in science, health, and rearing practices.